About Us

RISC AI INCORPORATED (“RISC AI”) is a fabless semiconductor and artificial intelligence (AI) systems company that aims to be the leader in high performance AI computing systems and services through the design and manufacture of proprietary RISC-V processors. RISC AI’s processors power ALiX™, the world’s first non-statistical AI training system that guarantees to find the optimal training solution in a single run. Additionally, the processors are CPUs based on the RISC-V standard that feature vector processing, for GPU-like capabilities, and nonstandard mathematical extensions. Together, these features of the RISC AI hardware form a general purpose computing platform that runs Linux operating system and provides the best acceleration of ALiX and the AI training process.


RISC AI is providing intelligent systems that improve life.

Core Values

We achive our vision by adhering to a set of core values:

We believe AI is only as good or bad as the humans that wield it.
We foster an ongoing process with our customers, employees and industry suppliers to increase our knowledge and capability.
We integrate the knowledge, skills and experience of individuals; because the team is greater than the sum of its parts.
We seek individuals who are driven by their own internal enthusiasm.
We are responsible to each other, our customers and the world for our actions.


RISC AI INCORPORATED is a Minnesota corporation headquarterd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.