April 25, 2022

RISC AI to collaborate with IntelliProp on AI computing in high-speed network fabrics

Press Release

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. RISC AI and IntelliProp, Longmont, CO, have entered into agreement to cooperate in the development of mutually beneficial programs, projects and activities related to system integration of processors for artificial intelligence (AI) computing in high-speed network fabrics that connect memory, storage and compute resources.

The objective of the agreement is to collaborate in supporting one another’s projects and platforms as they relate to high-speed networking and artificial intelligence and to explore potential specific applications of AI training as related to high-speed networking, including but not limited to the development and optimization of high-performance AI training systems using Gen-Z networking protocols. The companies will further explore the potential applications for hardware-accelerated AI algorithms leveraging proprietary integrated circuit designs as they relate to connecting memory, storage and compute resources via high-speed Gen-Z fabrics.

RISC AI’s AI training system, ALiX™, is the world’s most advanced AI training technology, using novel software methods and proprietary RISC-V processors. ALiX is unique because it is the only AI training system that provides a non-statistical, optimal training solution in a single run. Additionally, ALiX compresses the size and complexity of the neural network and is an embarrassingly parallel training method, which greatly reduces the compute resources required for training the models and deploying them. Latency is also improved compared to conventional AI training.

The disruptive marriage of the highly parallel ALiX AI training method with IntelliProp’s Gen-Z fabric technology will deliver orders of magnitude improvement in AI training. “We believe the unique feature of Gen-Z, which is that it treats all connected memory and storage devices as a monolithic memory bank with high speed, low latency, load/store access, is particularly well-suited for the highly parallelized RISC-V computing platform we are developing to run ALiX,” stated Nathan Hayes, Co-Founder of RISC AI and inventor of ALiX. “Looking at the future requirements of the market, we are excited to partner with IntelliProp, who we believe will make a dramatic impact on the way data is managed in future data centers.”

“The memory fabric that IntelliProp has developed and demonstrated will meet the needs for a low latency semantic fabric to share memory and storage components across multiple processing units. The additional ability to expand and hot-plug memory, securely with load/store operations, is critical to scale the parallelization,” says Hiren R. Patel, CEO of IntelliProp and President of the Gen-Z Consortium.


RISC AI CORPORATION (“RISC AI”) is a fabless semiconductor and AI systems company that aims to be the leader in high-performance AI computing systems and services through the design and manufacture of proprietary RISC-V processors. RISC AI’s processors power ALiX, the world’s first non-statistical AI training system that guarantees to find the optimal training solution in a single run. Additionally, the processors are CPUs based on the RISC-V standard that feature vector processing, for GPU-like capabilities, and nonstandard mathematical extensions. Together, these features of the RISC AI hardware form a general purpose computing platform that runs Linux operating system and provides the best acceleration of ALiX and the AI training process.

For more information about RISC AI, please email info@risc.ai or visit https://www.risc.ai.

About IntelliProp

IntelliProp is a Colorado-based company that was founded in 1999 to provide ASIC design and verification services for the storage industry. Today IntelliProp is a leading provider of intellectual property cores and complete, fully featured products targeted at memory and storage companies requiring IntelliProp’s unique products. The company is strategically headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, the heart of an area dominated by major memory and storage manufacturers. IntelliProp continues to gain recognition as a leading expert in the memory and storage industry, and IntelliProp actively participates in committees for creating new and maintaining existing protocols, including Gen-Z and CXL.

For more information about IntelliProp, please email contact@intelliprop.com or visit https://www.intelliprop.com.