April 21, 2022

RISC AI to collaborate with Beyond Imagination on the use of AI in humanoid robotics

Press Release

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. RISC AI and Beyond Imagination, Burbank, CA, have entered into agreement to cooperate in the development of mutually beneficial programs, projects and activities related to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in connection with humanoid robotics.

The objective of the agreement is to explore potential specific applications of AI related to general-purpose humanoid robotics, including but not limited to the development and optimization of machine training processes and specific real-world robot skill sets. Furthermore, RISC AI and Beyond Imagination will share information about general-purpose humanoid robotics, artificial intelligence hardware and software, and rules and regulations pertaining to virtual reality, human-machine interfaces or any other relevant activity of their respective businesses including active collaboration in the evaluation, testing and development of technological prototypes based upon one another’s technologies.

Beyond Imagination’s humanoid robot “Beomni” is one of the world’s most advanced general-purpose humanoid robots, with an evolving “AI Brain” that enables it to assist its human pilot in performing a limitless number of tasks in various applications ranging from health care and senior care services, space based and lunar operations, construction, bio manufacturing, logistics, to aircraft and energy sector inspections. The AI will include multiple “lobes,” each related to a specific skill or set of skills that the robot can perform. On a task by task basis, Beomni’s AI Brain learns, evolving over time from assisting with tasks, to semi autonomous and finally fully autonomous operation.

RISC AI’s AI training system, “ALiX,” is the world’s most advanced AI training technology, using novel software methods and proprietary RISC-V processors. ALiX is unique because it is the only AI training system that provides a non statistical, optimal training solution in a single run. Additionally, ALiX compresses the size and complexity of the artificial neural network, which greatly reduces the compute resources required for training the models and deploying them. Latency is also improved compared to conventional AI training solutions.

The collaboration between RISC AI and Beyond Imagination will minimize the level of difficulty in developing the training models for fully autonomous robotic operation in numerous ways. In addition to training benefits, the compressed models will require much less energy to operate Beomni’s AI Brain with less computing and memory hardware.

“We believe the unique capabilities of ALiX are particularly well suited for the challenging tasks of developing Beomni’s AI Brain,” stated Nathan Hayes, Co-Founder of RISC AI and inventor of ALiX. “We also believe that Beyond Imagination’s plan to focus initially on specific real world robotic skills establishes a strong foundation for achieving the broader goals of fully autonomous robotic operation.”

“Cutting-edge AI is one of the main pillars of the Beomni robot ecosystem. Maximizing the capabilities of our AI Brain and its responsiveness will be critical for us in the future, and we are eager to apply the pioneering techniques that RISC AI has developed,” says Dr. Harry Kloor, Founder and CEO of Beyond Imagination.


RISC AI CORPORATION (“RISC AI”) is a fabless semiconductor and AI systems company that aims to be the leader in high performance AI computing systems and services through the design and manufacture of proprietary RISC-V processors. RISC AI’s processors power ALiX, the world’s first non statistical AI training system that guarantees to find the optimal training solution in a single run. Additionally, the processors are CPUs based on the RISC-V standard that feature vector processing, for GPU-like capabilities, and nonstandard mathematical extensions. Together, these features of the RISC AI hardware form a general purpose computing platform that runs Linux operating system and provides the best acceleration of ALiX and the AI training process.

For more information about RISC AI, please email info@risc.ai or visit https://www.risc.ai.

About Beyond Imagination

Beyond Imagination, Inc. is a robotics and AI platform company that is focused on bringing humanoid robots to market rapidly. By partnering a human pilot with an evolving AI Brain, the company will soon be able to deploy its Beomni Robotics platform across a wide range of commercial applications. Their practical, real world approach is closer to that of Tesla, which released its vehicles and then built AI from the data that they collected, rather than that of other companies that are focused in narrow R&D domains.

Founded by leading innovators in AI and robotics, and strengthened by a solid patent portfolio, Beyond Imagination, Inc. is poised to revolutionize life and fundamentally change the way we work, travel and engage with others around the world.

To advance the AI Brain, Beyond Imagination, Inc. is launching a crowdfunding opportunity; head on over to https://www.wefunder.com/beomni for details.

For more information about Beyond Imagination, Inc., please email info@beomni.ai or visit https://www.beomni.ai.